Luminord STEK award 2014 with Markus Sokolnicki 
Flow led wall/ceiling lamp

The brief of the 2014 Nordic Luminaire Design Competition was to design a series of light fittings or a single fitting suited for home lighting, and with a consistent design aesthetic. The winner of the STEK prize, donated by Sähköturvallisuuden edistämiskeskus (the Finnish Association for Electrical Safety), was the designer duo Miia Suvi and Markus Sokolnicki, with their design "Flow". The prize was awarded at the ValoLight event at Messukeskus on 10 September 2014.


Finnish Liveboat Institution, Helsinki (Helsingin Meripelastajat Ry)

Medal of honor 2009.

Finnish champion, Group show dance 1995 with "Jungle fever".

Choreography: Mikko Ahlgrén ja Marjaana Siljamäki


Finnish Liveboat Institution, Helsinki (Helsingin Meripelastajat Ry)

Member secretary for December 2008 - February 2010

Upheld the member registry consisting of thousands of sea-goers. 

University of Jyväskylä, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Student member of the faculty council a year from 25.1.2001

Makes decisions concerning the department - student member is an equal part of the council as the rest of the members.

University of Jyväskylä

Tutor for international exchange students twice during 2000

Tutors help the foreign students to survive in Finland, have a good time and meet other students.

KOAS (Central Finland Student Housing Foundation) tenant representative assembly

Member of the council from autumn 2000 to autumn 2001

One person/KOAS building is selected to this council to communicate the decisions made by KOAS and to participate in decisionmaking.

KOAS (Central Finland Student Housing Foundation), Residents' Association of Ainolankaari

Member 2000-2001

The association organizes happenings and parties and makes purchases for the student house.

JYDIS (The Jyväskylä Disco and show dance association)

Secretary and member of the board from 1997 to 1999

Jydis organizes courses, competitions and happenings for young dancers in central Finland helping them to have a healthy hobby.

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