I have several years of experience managing brand development and marketing for a mid-size Finnish design companies. I am experienced in creating brand and marketing material for both electronic platforms and printed media, and have crafted for example blogs, newsletters, catalogues, roll-ups, advertisements, banners, brand material and custom-made marketing gifts.

I am an enthustiastic writer and have a great eye for all things visual. Combining these two to generate interest through social media is one of my favourite subjects when it comes to marketing. As a hobby, I keep my own blog in Instagram.

Used skilfully, marketing automation tools are very powerfull. I am certified in e.g. Hubspot Inbound marketing, Marketing software and Sales software.

Please see certifications, tools and skills in more detail from my CV


Social media

Advertising and content creation for all social media channels.

Active in social media? How about results? Ask me for help on SEO-optimised social media content creation and advertising.

Web analytics

Certified Google analytics, SEO and advertising.

It needs to be done and you know it. I am a certified by Google (Google Analytics).


I have extensive contacts to both press and bloggers within the interior styling community + experience on how to get beautiful content published by other professionals. Pictures by bloggers.

Webpage maintenance and creation

HubSpot, SharpSpring, Drupal and WordPress based and more.

Need a story or any other new content for your business? Just give me a subject or an idea and I'll do the rest. I can also create the pages to support your message.

Happenings - planning and realizing

A business happening is another way of portraying your brand. It needs to look the part.

As an experienced project manager I have realized happenings of all sizes both alone and in co-operation with PR-agency. Fair, launch, lecture or an company event - I can make it distinctively yours!