Versatile writing for both digital and traditional media. Social media content, blogs, catalogues, slogans, in-depth stories and copy for all kinds of advertisements. 

I can also create the look of the publication, as textual content goes hand-in-hand with the visual realisation. All graphic design on this page is also by me. See more of my visuals at Graphic Design and Illustrations.

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Advertisements and banners

Different kind of advertisements and banners for printed and digital use, taking in account the brand, the channel and audience it should reach.

Catalogues and leaflets

Catalogue shows your products in their natural environment but also provides needed specifications and creates the spirit of your brand. See more visual realisation examples of this type at Graphic Design.

Social media

As an social media example, take a look at Vuodenaiti on Instagram where both visual and textual content is all my work.

Press releases

Grab the attention of the press! Modern press releases are visual and fun, thus maximising conveying the message.

Blogs and interviews

I love writing. Having created dozens of blog articles about products, designers, interesting phenomena, interiors and so much more. I have also ghostwritten on several Finnish service and product providers, ask for more details. I have covered topics relating e.g. to IT industry, fashion and interior design. 

See more of my writing in Marketing and also on Graphic Design. Here are couple of examples of blogs I have made. 

Interior design stories

Iltasanomat, 15.4.2017, full spread

Muotoilija esittelee asuntonsa - Ilta-Sanomat

Deko 4/2017, 6 pages

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