Copywriting & Graphic design 

Versatile graphic design and copywriting with Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. Advanced photo modifications with Photoshop. Videos with Premiere Pro.

Catalogues, slogans, in-depth stories and all kinds of advertisements.

Click pictures for more examples.

Advertisements and banners

For printed and on-line use.

Different kind of ads and banners for various media, taking in account the channel and audience it should reach.

Catalogues and business cards

Printed or published online.

Catalogue shows your products in their natural environment but also gives needed specifications. And it doesn't hurt if it looks good, too!


Published interior and insight stories online and in magazines + newspapers.

Graphic design

Vector images, visual guidelines creation and layouts for marketing material of all sorts. Need e.g. infographics, vector illustrations, photoshopping, any kind of advertisements, flyers, roll-ups, fair wallpapers, fair presence design or handouts? I can help! I can also create custom designed PowerPoint and Word themes. Please ask me for references since this work is usually done under customer's name.

Press releases

Grab the attention of the press!

Modern press releases have both content and pictures. This maximises the message going through.


Videos with graphical elements for Youtube and social media purposes using Premiere Pro.