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Vuodenaiti is a Finnish-language blog founded in spring 2020, on Miia Suvi's Instagram, Facebook and Lily.fi platform. The blog is built around ethically produced women's fashion, family life and all things pretty. My favorite topics are Finnish fashion, good quality food, all-around well-being and children.

I warmly welcome you to follow the life of our mixed family of five in Helsinki!


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For the last couple of years I have been struggling with my dry and sensitive skin and now I have finally found a working skincare set! I've tested whatever skin care kits, more expensive and less expensive, organic cosmetics and less organic and only a few products work without irritating my skin. Now in winter, the biggest challenge is drought. As soon as you go closer to zero, the skin turns pink. Sometimes I wake up at nightwhen my cheeks sting of drought.

Kauneudenverkkokauppa.fi proposed the Italian Vagheggi natural cosmetics series as a solution. @vagheggiofficial has been dedicated to making organic skin care and makeup products for 40 years.

I got a gift box with cleansing milk for the test (this is really two products in one, no facial water needed after washing), a skin firming serum containing flaxseed extract and a 24 hour moisturizing face fat with e.g. wormwood extract.

I tried these one night and felt wonderful. The next night I put on the super moisturizing moisturiser I normally used and woke up at night with my cheeks taut. So in the middle of the night, I sneaked to find my Vagheggi jar. 😂 Midnight Organic Moisturiser strikes! And my face was fresh as ever in the morning.

The products are luxurious and of high quality. A big plus is also the packaging designed to be as eco-friendly as possible: all packaging material is recycled paper, glass packaging is as thin as possible and even the plastic-like packaging of cleaning milk is made from renewable raw materials. All products are also vegan. So the whole concept is designed really carefully. Whats’s not to love!

Friends and brgrs

I have a holiday today! So A WONDERFUL whole day just for myself! I will shamelessly use it to pamper myself. 🌸🌸🌸

In the morning I photographed a bit at home and then cycled downtown to eat at Friends and brgrs. I process images mainly on the phone and editing in these surroundings is especially nice!

By the way, I'm quite a french fries nerd: I've been crazy about french fries since I was a kid. Here, too, the potatoes are made from scratch and they are perfect: really crunchy (double cooking), soft on the inside and the potato is a little sweet and not flowery at all. Yeah, some taste wines, some potatoes! 😂

From here, I'm going to search for used child's winter shoes, go test new phones, and probably continue to edit a bit more. In the evening, MisterChef has promised to cook. My kinda day!

What is your perfect day like?

Lapin Liha

A few days ago, I threw a challenge to MisterChef, which I spotted on the pages of Lapland Meat Lapin Liha): find a new, interesting meal using reindeer. The reindeer was offered to us by Lapin Liha and the recipes for these reindeer shake tachos are MisterChef’s own.

There were two sets: a more Finnish and a more traditional Taco. The Finnish set can combines Russian pickles, roasted beets (flavored with thyme), cranberry jam, sour cream and hornbeam roast.

Another, more traditional Taco is created by combining black bean-onion salad, white bean paste, tomato-onion-parsley salad, crème fraîche and paprika cubes. Tje jam worked well here too, yammee.

Which is your favorite? I liked that more Finnish version, but both were really good! I ate 4 tacos although normally a couple is enough. 😬

Take part in the recipe competition too! It is still running on until Nov 8th 2020.


I’ve always liked reading. I find it ultimately relaxing. It's wonderful to get lost in someone else's imaginary world and forget about everything else for a moment.

I read quite a bit until I had to start reading huge amounts of study-related literature at university. This continued as I struck into working life and somehow there was no time. Then I took a dog and there was even less time. I just read on vacation trips where I picked up some random paperbacks from flea markets. With these books however, there was rarely anything that I really wanted to read. And I really didn't even remember what I liked anymore. There were no books in everyday life.

Until: audiobooks. 💕 How happy I was to go out with my dog ​​even in the rain, when I was able to listen to the book I had chosen at the same time. The dog also thanked me as the runs lengthened. Then I got pregnant and after the Little One was born, we carted outside for hours. Audiobooks again saved many monotonous walks. Today, I listen to audiobooks on business trips and as often as I get my own moment for myself.

I am currently listening to the 4th part of Leila Tuure's Kauppamies series. Other recommendations: A series of seven sisters and all of Enni Mustonen's books. Could you recommend something of the same genre for me?

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